Clean closets sell homes

There is no such thing as too much storage space. When your home is on the market,closet highlighting your closets is one of the most important things you can do to entice potential buyers. But you don’t need a luxurious master walk-in suite to make a powerful impression. A well-organized closet that makes the best use of the space you have will do the trick. Creating tidy, spacious and inviting storage can be achieved in any size closet by following a few simple guidelines.

Clear the floors. Open floor space makes your closet look bigger and more attractive. Begin by removing all clutter from the floor and by finding elevated storage for shoes and bags. Shoe racks that hang over doors or sit on shelves help create the illusion of empty space. Hang handbags or organize them in storage cubes in the closet.

Get the hang of hangers. Purge your closet of wire hangers from the dry cleaner or mismatched plastic hangers from department store purchases. Make a small investment in a collection of slimline or velvet hangers in a single color — and use them exclusively throughout your closet. Not only will slimline hangers make a closet look even and uniform, they will literally double your space by virtue of their narrow size.

Color-block your clothes. Organize all of your clothing by color. Take a cue from retailers who color-block their shelves, from lightest to darkest, to keep their showrooms organized. If you have shelving, group dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors on the top of your closet. By the same token, block colors together when hanging clothes from left to right. Even a mismatched group of different clothing styles looks put-together once it is color-blocked.

Purge unnecessary items. Getting rid of items that you aren’t going to wear is a given, and as a general rule aim to have 20% of your closet empty to give the impression of  spaciousness. A potential buyer will see that there’s not only enough space for everything — there’s also room to grow.

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