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Lets face it… you are not looking for a GOOD deal, you want a GREAT DEAL! We have them… the absolute best deals on the Utah Real Estate market, and you won’t find them just anywhere. After all, great deals don’t always make themselves widely known. Start your search right now and get the best deals right away. Just enter search criteria below to begin!


Why go property hunting with us?

  • Knowledge of the market, keen ability to locate the best properties, and better negotiation skills

  • Full access to the most innovative and comprehensive property-locating tools

  • Hand selected high-quality properties so you choose from only the best and save time


There is no cost to hiring a buyer specialist… but there is a price to pay if you don’t! Finding high-income investment properties isn’t easy. A property specialist has the expert knowledge and unfettered access to the best income properties on the market. Stop wasting time. Let us do the leg work for you. We hand select the best properties and give you the tools to make money.

Don’t wait! Let’s start property hunting! Call me right now at 801-285-0521.


My 7 Steps to Finding the Best Real Estate Property

Finding the right property takes time and consideration. I’ll make sure you are happy from start to finish. This 7 step process ensures you find the right properties. I’ll do the following to make sure your property search is a success…

1. Outline your goals and solidify a plan of action in an initial consultation. We’ll sit down and decide which type of property suits your particular needs, determine your price range and your personal criteria.

2. Find the appropriate lenders to finance your new property. I’ll connect you with financiers with the resources and terms you need to be successful.

3. Start searching for the right home or property. We’ll create an MLS search to notify you of all properties meeting your needs. We’ll also uncover off-market opportunities not currently listed, if any exist.

4. Review properties meeting your criteria. We’ll run comps, review available market data and statistics, and determine which properties to visit. I’ll attend scheduled visits with you if necessary to ensure important details are not overlooked.

5. Negotiate an offer price on the property that meets your needs. Negotiation will ensure you are not overpaying and get the best possible price on the property. Then we’ll contact the proper parties to start the closing process and get the paperwork started (i.e.. title company, inspectors and industry experts).

6. Evaluate the property extensively and ensure all tests are completed. This includes home inspections, soil tests, engineering tests, surveying, zoning and planning, and more. This is where the real work is done. We will order everything to ensure your property deal is complete and there are no snags or snares at the closing.

7. Close the sale and deliver your keys.

Closing a successful deal takes extensive skill and experience. Don’t leave it up to chance. Ensure everything is done properly and leave no stones unturned. Hire us as your A-Z property experts and find your next great deal today! Let’s get started!



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