Careers with the Justin Udy Team


Dear Frustrated Employee:

I understand you may be currently employed at a traditional, corporate, or 9 to 5 job. For some people, this can be painful. All too often standard employment can eventually lead to disengagement for the following reasons: 1.) Job insecurity. 2.) Lack of purpose. 3.) Undercompensated.

In fact, according to an article in Forbes by Kristi Hedges, 48% of employees don’t like their jobs, and only 30% actually feel engaged by their careers. Many frustrated or disengaged employees do their best to “just get through the day,” watching the clock and hoping time will pass faster.

I recently talked with a family member of mine who had been loyally working with a number of peers over the last 20 plus years. Only to find out that ‘upper level management’ is transitioning and there have been mass layoffs. Many of them, after years of service, find themselves unemployed and starting over. Many people trudge through this kind of disruption for their entire lives because they feel like they have to.

My name is Justin Udy and over 10 years ago, I pursued a career in real estate right after college. Since then, myself and my real estate team have sold over 1,000 homes. We have 13 people on our team and I can relate to the pain that you’re going through, but I think I can help and here’s how: At our real estate team, our daily mission is to genuinely help people, assist and educate our clients to build wealth through real estate, and provide a world class client experience.

Our agents don’t feel job insecurity from their employer because they’re in charge! Our agents are empowered with a sense of shared purpose based around our core values. Our core values guide us to serve our clients, our community, and our personal philanthropic efforts. Our average real estate agent’s take home pay is over $70,000 with some team members earning 6 figures!

With our team you receive on average: 50+ leads per month to get you to our minimum standard of $50,000 in take-home pay, full access to the industry’s top technology and systems at zero cost, daily training at 8:30 am and direct mentoring from one of the region’s top industry producers in real estate.

You can continue to cling to the illusion of job security and the safety of a ‘guaranteed’ paycheck, or you can take a step into a proven system. We’ve successfully served hundreds of families in our community and helped our team members to achieve more freedom of income than they would have ever achieved in the corporate world.

We hired an agent that was working in inside sales for a small business earning $37,000 per year. She had no latitude to make decisions, didn’t see it going anywhere, and decided to try real estate. In her first 12 months, she earned $80,000, and after 3 years with us, her income was over six figures. She found purpose and camaraderie of a team with a mission and learned the systems, tools, and strategies to build a successful real estate career.

I want to offer you a position on our team.
On the day you get started with us, here’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re going to start our proven 30-day fast start training and we’ll get you up and running to sell a home in your first 120 days as a Realtor. And if you follow our plan for you, we guarantee you will take home at least $50,000 per year with potential to make 6 figures!

Here’s the thing. We need applicants right away. If you get started right away. Typically, we require our new applicants do a certain amount of phone prospecting before they start taking new prospects from the team. If you start now, we will implement our 30 fast start and 100 day training program to help you get productive, working with clients, and earning what you deserve.

If you’re thinking of closing this message, think about the next 30 years of your life. An application doesn’t cost anything but it could mean the world to your future and could change your life. All applications are completely free and confidential.

You can apply here.
You can also email questions to alexis@justinudy
Looking forward to talking with you soon!
Justin Udy