Nathan and Lauren Lambson

Justin Udy is a true professional that will put your needs first; I’m not just saying that. My wife and I bought our first home with Justin and it was a great experience. Through the house-hunting phase he helped us understand the market, find properties that met our needs, stay within our budget and recognize issues with properties that are easily overlooked. During the buying phase he helped us understand the process, find a great loan officer, deal with all the documents painlessly, negotiate with the sellers and reach all the deadlines. We are very happy with the terms he negotiated and the home we have purchased.

Justin shows a level of professionalism and dedication to his work that is rare in this industry and has the resume to back it up. I would highly recommend him as anyone’s real estate agent regardless of the property you are looking to buy. What we appreciated most was finding someone of his caliber that is genuinely a good person. I am convinced he cares more about pleasing the customer, you, and establishing positive long-term relationships than he does about making a profit. I can say this because we never felt pressured to increase our budget and regardless of our budget or the property we were looking to buy he gave 100% effort.

Nathan & Lauren Lambson

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