The pros and cons of buying a home near the fairways and greens

544476_SFor some, living on a golf course is the epitome of a luxury lifestyle. For those who golf, the appeal is obvious. And for those who don’t, the sweeping views and open spaces that come with a home on the course are powerfully attractive.

As with any home purchase, there are pros and cons to consider when buying a home on a golf course.

The landscape is groomed and maintained (without having to do it yourself). The natural setting often attracts wildlife.

On the other hand, sometimes errant shots make it to your yard and can even hit your house, depending on its position. And some courses cause run off of fertilizer and other chemicals sometimes used to keep the course in top playing shape.

Studies show that golf course communities are among the safest in the nation, and their residents enjoy the fact they’re not looking at other houses right out their back windows, which is often the case in other communities.

Then again, you may have to get used to golfers walking near (or sometimes on) your property in search their last shot, which can affect your sense of privacy.

Golf course communities often feature additional amenities such as clubhouses, pools, fitness centers and restaurants.

Of course, homeowners association fees are often higher than in other communities due to the maintenance requirements of a golf course community.

A final tip: Before buying, remember to look carefully at any golf course community’s covenants to see if the land is adequately protected from development in the future.

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