Tips for selling a home … with kids

Close-up Of Happy Family Lying On Carpet Looking Up Heads Together At HomeYou wouldn’t trade your kids for anything. They bring laughter and joy to your life, they amaze you with their creativity and kindness, and they comfort you with hugs and kisses. Yes, children are pretty awesome. But the reality is that they are also messy! And if you are trying to sell your home, kids can create some unique challenges.

Here are some ways you can make your home appeal to prospective buyers:

  1. Stash the toys. Don’t make your children the focal point of your home’s décor. Put away or pack up toys and take artwork off the refrigerator. Your goal is to have home buyers visualize your home as their own.
  2. De-personalize. In the kids’ bedrooms, consider toning down any specific themes. And if you’ve painted the walls a unique (or gender-oriented) color, or have a large painted mural, you might want to repaint in a neutral color.
  3. Clear out the playroom.  If you have a room completely dedicated to the kids, play down the “play” part of it so that potential buyers can see other possibilities. Consider turning a playroom into a family room.
  4. De-clutter. The more people in your household, the more clutter you have to manage. It’s always a good idea to do a room-by-room de-cluttering before you put your home on the market. Don’t forget the kids’ rooms!
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