What to expect when they’re inspecting

Home inspector looking for possible problems for a potential buyer, looking for needed repairsPreparing your home for inspection will not only help present your property in the best condition for sale, it will also help prevent any delays during the closing process. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, a proper home inspection will focus on the visual condition and structure of your home, as well as any safety concerns. As the seller, consider the following guidelines to best prepare your home for a smooth inspection.

Clear exterior debris. An inspector will start by looking at the exterior and foundation of the home, including sidewalks, driveways and steps. Removing trash cans and brush, as well as clearing a path around the home will make the inspection easier — and make your home look neater. Clean gutters and a roof in good condition are also important considerations.

Empty appliances. Inspectors will want to run dishwashers and washing machines. Even if the appliance isn’t included in the sale, this will help determine if plumbing and electrical connections are in good working order.

Clear access to storage areas. The garage, attic, shed and basement will be surveyed — so it is important to clear pathways to these areas and ensure that doors can open and lock when appropriate.

Keep utilities connected and filled when necessary.  Heating, cooling, water, plumbing and electrical systems will be tested during the inspection. For this reason, they all must be connected and working properly. If you have oil heat, ensure that your tank is full and in good condition.

Make repairs before the inspection. Minor issues may not be deal breakers for your sale, but a level of disrepair can present your home in a less favorable light. Little things like broken handles, knobs or faucets can be easily remedied before the inspection. If a major repair — such as a roof — cannot be fixed prior to inspection, be honest about the condition and make adjustments in your asking price.

Declutter and clean interior spaces. Last but not least, a clean home gives the impression that you care about regular maintenance. A neat and clean house can only enhance your inspection.





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